Fake Social Media Followers – Worst Than No Follower

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Your Worth Is Not Measured In Likes, Comments, Notes Or Followers, But In Your Ability To Love, Keep Comments To Yourself, Take Note And Lead

Fake Followers Vs Real Followers

fake social

How Social Media Algorithms Work?

When you post something on social media, algorithms will show that content to small sample size of your network. If the post is performing well in terms of engagement then algorithms will accelerate it by showing to more followers and go on. If the post is not performing well in initial sampling stage then results will be narrowed down to none finally.

fake followers

Major Impact Of Fake Followers

Fake Followers are those who are not your regular customers or clients. These people will help you grow only once but will let you down every time. These peoples will not engage with your posts and content an will directly reduce down the organic reach level of posts. You will be having less number of engaged audience with your content which will directly affect your performance and growth.

Quality Vs Quantity

As we all Know Quality always have high Preference  than Quantity. Suppose you have 1000 twitter followers and out of that only 25 are Retweeting back to you, then you can conclude that you have only 25 followers on Twitter. If you can see this in financial way, then you are not getting targeted ROI as per your Investment.

Fake Followers – No – Growth Drivers

Fake Followers are not growth driven as they only have presence not activity related to your business. They will never engage with your content, They will never Comment on your post, They will never share needful information you want to share with large audience. this way they will kill your social presence slowly – slowly.

Benefits Of Real Followers Over Fake Ones

Your Real Followers will definitely gonna help you out in growing your business socially.

  1. They will get Engaged with your post.
  2. They will Share your content.
  3. They will comment on your posts.
  4. They will give you precious feedback and suggestions .
  5. They are your Growth Drivers

So Are You Ready To Grow Your Business With Number Of Real Followers??

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