Email Marketing

You must be having lot of customers who are not your buyers. And nobody will ever loose their audience without making some profit. Customer retention and acquisition are two major concepts of marketing. In todays digital world to acquire a new customer and to retain them is only possible with the help of email marketing. Emails help create a professional relationship with your potential customers or clients. In the process of Internet Marketing, the only segment which can make Prospect as Customer and then Customer as Client Is E-mail Marketing. Research says that Professionals starts their day either with Reading Newspaper or Reading Email. So if you think of striking your customers at first light of day then you must go for Email Marketing.

I will be executing your Email Campaigns for your target audience and your subscribers to make them brand loyal. Here I will be managing variety of Campaigns for different audience, which will help in spreading brand awareness and increasing brand identity.

  • Among all internet users, 94% use Emails and 64% use Social Media
  • 75% of Professionals prefer Email Marketing as a best practice of marketing.
  • Specific Targeting is possible with Email Marketing.

I will be using customisable Email Templates with respect to your audience and the message you are going to send to your audience.

Mails will be forwarded to your audience while considering open rates .

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